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We're a digital marketing agency providing social media management, email marketing and blogging solutions to small business owners like you.


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Welcome to TOCMEDIA

Our mission is simple: We help small-business owners, organization leaders, and entrepreneurs successfully navigate the technological landscape of digital and traditional-media marketing. We successfully connect them to their target audience and help them achieve their marketing goals. We do this while encouraging freelance talent, and offering some of the most affordable and effective marketing services available anywhere.

Email Marketing

Looking for a smart, targeted marketing strategy that MAXIMIZES your Return on Investment? According to recent research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing is your ticket! Here at TOC, we can create all your marketing emails AND send and manage them for you. Discover “The TOC Difference” today!

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, over 90 percent of your targeted customers are online—on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and other major platforms. Would you love to market to them effectively, but feel confused about how to do so intelligently and with maximum ROI? Turn to TOC’s trusted social media marketing experts!


9 New Facebook Features You Should Know

Most of us can’t go a day without Facebook – and Mark Zuckerberg and Co. definitely want it that way. For better or for worse, Facebook is a part of the daily routine for millions of people worldwide. That said, it does have an extensive network of features that make...

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Working From Home: How to Stay Focused

Working from home is the new black. As the world’s marketplace continues to expand, more and more careers are going digital, giving more workers in a variety of fields the option to have a mobile office. But working from home comes with obstacles…mainly staying...

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