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Professional Copywriting

The Powerful “X Factor” for Generating Superior Marketing Results
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What’s the secret to MAXIMIZING “bang for your marketing buck”? When you boil it all down, it’s using the written word to CLEARLY and PERSUASIVELY communicate to your target audience who you are … what you do … and exactly how your audience will BENEFIT from what you do.

Working with one of our highly experienced professional copywriters, you can create clear, compelling marketing communications that will add “persuasion power” to every facet of your marketing. And we’ll do it by creating the SEO-friendly copy that drives traffic to your website—boosting your sales, subscribers, and visitors.

We invite you to tap our copywriters’ writing skills and inside-marketing knowledge whenever you need highly effective:

  • Websites / Web Pages
  • Social Media Posts
  • Marketing Emails
  • Digital Advertising
  • Blogs
  • Video Marketing
  • White Papers
  • PR Materials / Press Releases
  • Tradition Marketing Communications, such as Print Ads, Brochures, etc.

A Special Word About Blogging

In today’s Web-centric marketing world, one of the most powerful strategies for generating great website traffic is writing a blog that powerfully attracts people to your website.

Would you love to have a blog … but don’t feel you have the time or writing skills to “make it happen”?  Turn to TOC!

Our friendly, professional copywriters will work with you to choose blog topics and keywords that generate maximum attention and response. Once you select your topic, we can ghostwrite your blog for you, infuse it with state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization techniques, then deliver it back to you for final approval.

Each of your ghostwritten blog posts also will feature an SEO-friendly image, alt-tags, and meta-descriptions—all designed to maximize response, and all subject to your full creative input and approval. It’s the easiest, best way for busy business professionals like you to create blog posts that dynamically amp-up your visibility … enhance your reputation as an expert in your field … and grow your business!

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