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Yes, any kid off the street with a laptop can be a “social media marketer” but, really? You need committed marketing professionals who are going to be there for you in the long run. That’s where TOCmedia fits in with your team.

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Social media networks are changing daily. Many company’s like to pass social media marketing responsibilities on their admin’s plate. That’s not really fair. First of all, your administrative personnel was hired for their organizational skills. Yes, we all need a project manager who keeps track of EVERYTHING! 

But, social media marketers have a completely different skill set. They are creative, social (!) and most of all love communications and marketing. Social media marketers need to be able to “read” the network by understanding the emotions of your audience. What is important to your target market? How can we speak to them in a mannerism that makes them interested in your brand? How can we accomplish marketing goals and what insights are relevant to prove that we are doing something worth doing?

That’s what our social media marketing and management team does here at TOCmedia. We get ‘er done!  What exactly does that mean? What is social media marketing? Contact us to find out.