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“Google AdWords” may sound complicated, but it’s actually a very simple advertising strategy. A strategy that, according to Google’s own world-class analytics, offers you an average 200 percent Return on Investment.

AdWords is, quite simply, Google’s paid-advertising strategy, which you can access via TOC. It allows you to post ads about your organization on Google, so people notice your ad exactly when they’re searching Google—including for business like yours! It’s nothing short of a REVOLUTION in targeted-advertising power—the ultimate way to generate fresh new leads and sales.

Best of all, you only have to pay whenever someone actually clicks on your ad. And EVERYTHING is tracked for you via state-of-the-art Google Analytics. So you see precisely where and how you’re getting the most “bang for your buck.”

Let TOC Handle It A to Z

Although Google AdWords is an easy idea, it is definitely NOT easy to implement a smart, effective campaign. That’s why you need cutting-edge marketing and technology professionals to navigate the “Google Universe” for you. Like the professionals at TOC.

When you outsource your Google AdWords strategy to TOC, you’ll get A to Z service, including:

  • SET UP … We’ll create your Google advertising account and integrate it with Google Analytics—the key to tracking user data, users’ locations, what they do while they’re on your website, conversions rates, sales, subscriptions, downloads, and more.
  • KEY WORD INTEGRATION / SEO … We’ll make sure all your messages are richly populated with powerful key words, to ensure Search Engine Optimization and the resulting success of your ad.
  • COPY, GRAPHIC DESIGN, PHOTOGRAPHY … TOC’s highly experienced, proven-effective advertising professionals will work with you to create enticing, attractive ads—the perfect “click bait” you need to rain new leads and sales on your organization.
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS … We’ll handle everything from initial analytics-integration of your account to later “intel” analysis. You’ll get crucial insights into your customers and their behavior!
  • MONITORING / OPTIMIZATION … Once your campaign is launched, TOC will professionally monitor everything for you and consult with you, to make sure you’re aware of all “best practice” options and strategies offered by Google AdWords.

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