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When businesses spend gobs of money to advertise in specific ways, there’s a very simple reason: That specific way WORKS! That’s why spending on Facebook advertising has zoomed 600 percent in just a few years.

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, “The platform’s success is due, in large part, to its unparalleled targeting capabilities.” Currently, there are no other paid advertising opportunities that allow you to target messages to such specific demographics as age, gender, city of residence, personal tastes and interests, buying habits, etc.

When you use TOC to create and manage customer-attracting Facebook advertising, you tap into a rich source of new leads and growth. More than 2 billion people use Facebook every month, and you can use TOC to attract your slice of that pie. We’ll help you create ads that are eye-catching and flexible, and that work on every device.

Let TOC Power-Up Your FB Reach

While Facebook gives you unprecedented marketing power, it can be difficult for inexperienced people to maximize the benefits of it. Facebook’s every-changing algorithm is making it harder and harder for people without specialized skills to fully tap the power of the platform.

That’s where TOC’s technical know-how comes in.

By tapping into “The TOC Difference,” you’ll benefit from all the services you need to effectively advertise on Facebook, including professional set-up . . . strategy-setting . . . copy and design creation (plus photography and video, if needed) . . . and all the other crucial steps you must take to achieve maximum targeted exposure and success for your Facebook ad.

And then we add extra value, by fully monitoring and managing your campaign, using Facebook’s world-class analytics to determine—on an ongoing basic—exactly the right market with the right marketing messaging. And remember: Facebook advertising is “pay-per-click” so you only pay when customers and prospects actually engage with your ad by clicking on it.

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