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It’s an eye-opening statistic. A statistic EVERY marketer needs to know.

According to recent research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association and Constant Contact, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.

That’s right—a 3,800 percent average Return on Investment. Maybe that’s why fully 80 percent of business professionals report that email marketing increases their sales, drives new-customer acquisition, and deepens retention rates.

Why the ROI?

Email marketing enhances your Return on Investment in 5 critical ways:

  • It’s Highly Targeted … You create higher-impact messages to a wider audience at a fraction of the cost.
  • It’s Measurable … You get analytics from TOC that allow you to get invaluable, fact-based, real-world insights into your customers’ behaviors and interests.
  • It Increases Brand Visibility … You stay top-of-mind to your targeted audience, as you convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat
  • It’s A Breeze to Share … Your message gets shared in the easiest way possible—just with a click—as your audience members help to attract new audience members!
  • It’s Highly Cost-Effective and Time-Saving … You maximize ROI by spurring response AND minimizing your up-front costs.

The TOC Difference

Here at TOC, we can create all your marketing emails AND send and manage them for you. That’s the “TOC Difference.” As a Constant Contact Solutions Provider, we offer you certified expertise that will catapult your email marketing to the next level. You can rely on us for:

  • SET-UP … We can fully set up your email account and make as many templates as you want (including auto-responders), along with mobile-friendly templates that match your brand.
  • COMPLIANCE … In accordance with best ethical/legal business practices, we’ll make sure your emails are legally compliant so they reach the intended recipient and don’t end up as spam or in your being blacklisted by Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • TEXT AND DESIGN CREATION … Team TOC’s seasoned copywriters and graphic designers will help you create the exact maximum-impact emails you need.
  • MANAGEMENT … We can upload and manage your current email list, and help you select which specific lists receive which targeted emails.
  • ANALYTICS /METRICS … We’ll give you the “intel” (analytics) to help you see precisely how audience members and segments responded—including opens, click-throughs, positive/negative/no response, and more. We can even do Beta testing, to help you find precisely the best day and time to send your marketing emails for optimum response.

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