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“Digital advertising in the U.S. is finally bigger than print and television. TV and newspapers are out. Facebook and Google are in.”
Vox, 2019, Reporting on an Article in eCommerce 

It’s been predicted for years. And now it’s finally happened. Responding to the incredible benefits and advantages of digital advertising over print and TV, marketers are voting with their ad dollars to “go digital.” This year—for the first year ever—U.S. advertisers will devote more than 50 percent of their budgets to digital advertising.

Let TOCmedia help you engage in this smart, highly targeted, affordable, and measurable advertising. We can help you every step of the way, from set-up and integration … to creative and messaging … to optimization, monitoring, and lead-generation tracking. 

Below you’ll find specific detail about the helpful ways TOCmedia can empower your Facebook Advertising and Google Ads strategy. (And don’t forget to also ask about advertising on other powerful platforms—such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn—along with Programmatic Advertising and Geofencing.)

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