Facebook Content – What to Avoid

Let’s face it: Facebook isn’t going anywhere. It’s imperative that as small businesses, we utilize Facebook to market our products and services. However, decoding the Facebook timeline algorithm can be difficult. To start, here is a short list of things to avoid: Always Selling or Promoting There are already enough ads on people’s newsfeeds. When… Read More

My Experiences at TOCmedia

So far, my experience at TOCmedia has taught me a substantial amount. I am assigned to oversee their Affiliate Marketing Department. My task is to search for merchant companies that would fit the TOCmedia’s second website, onlineemergencysupplies. One of the services they use is shareasale.com; it is a company that linked TOCmedia website/services to other… Read More

Top 10 on Page SEO Tricks for Business Owners

Top 10 on Page SEO Tricks for Business Owners

These SEO tricks for business owners are guaranteed to increase the flow of organic traffic to your website, decrease your bounce rate, and best of all, they are easy to implement. Top 10 on Page SEO Tricks for Business Owners Search engine optimization, also called SEO, is the lifeblood of any small business website. It’s basically… Read More