Do you have an Internet connection? Then you can use Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, and customers.

Here are the top 5 most helpful Facebook Messenger features for both personal and professional use:

Location Sharing

“Hey, where are you right now?”

This is one of the most commonly asked questions between groups of friends. Facebook Messenger makes answering this question almost too easy with live location sharing.

You can choose to let you contact know where you are once or choose to share your location continuously until you arrive.

It’s perfect for businesses as well, so clients can know exactly where you are.

Secure Payments

Whether you’re splitting the bill with a colleague or selling a service to a client, Facebook Messenger is a safe and secure way to transfer funds between accounts.

You can easily link your Paypal account (if you are both based in the United States) or your credit card to your Messenger Account for a quick, easy payment solution.

Video and Voice Chat

Sometimes verbal communication is just so much easier! With Facebook Messenger, it’s very easy to simply send a quick voice memo when you don’t feel like typing out everything that you need to say.

Or, to make things even easier, you can even use the app to make both audio and video calls over WiFi and data. This is perfect for when you are traveling abroad and don’t want to purchase a data plan, but still want to keep in touch, or would simply like to rely on the Internet for connection instead of spotty cellular service.

But what if you need to coordinate with a group instead of just one contact? No worries!

Facebook Messenger still has you covered…

Group Chats

One of the best Facebook Messenger functions is the ability to easily coordinate between large groups of people. You can give the chat a name, add and delete members as necessary, and even host a video group call if that’s more conducive to your plans.

Interface Changes

The final (and most fun!) Facebook Messenger function is that you can change its style to suit your mood. Yes, the typical interface is blue, but if you want to be purple, lime, or orange, you can switch it up. You can also use stickers, gifs, and emojis in app to better express your mood.

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