Yes, exchanging business cards is still an excellent way to keep in touch with new connections, but how do you make sure you’re always on their mind? That key information about your brand is always at their fingertips?

That you’re getting your products and message in front of their eyes instead of just being “John Advertising Conference Florida” in someone’s phone for a year or two, only to be deleted later?

The answer is simple: LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

In this digital age, people want to connect with convenience.

However, most professionals still want to enjoy a bit of anonymity about their personal lives, while still experiencing the “instant gratification” world of social media.

That’s where LinkedIn comes in. It’s like Facebook, but for professionals. 

Top Five Reasons To Use LinkedIn as a Professional

Here’s why you should sign up today:

Hiring (and Being Hired)

Did you know that over 90% of recruiters will scan your LinkedIn profile as part of the recruitment process? Highlighting your skill sets is a great way to get noticed by business connections you meet in passing.

And, as you grow your business, it’s also a great way to find candidates based on key abilities and experiences as well.

Generating Leads

Having trouble finding the perfect outsourced marketing team, distributor, or guru in your field? LinkedIn can help with that. Think of the platform as one giant cocktail hour.

Paying hundreds of dollars to network in person with a limited group of people at local events is no longer the only way to get things done.

Now, as soon as you type a few words into the search bar, you are well on your way to growing your business — across state lines and even across borders if that’s what it takes.

Keeping Tabs

LinkedIn makes it really easy to discover if a particular client, former coworker, or even just a friend is up to something new professionally. You can easily find out where someone works, how long they’ve been in that field, and what they’ve accomplished while being there.

LinkedIn also makes it very simple by sending you the highlights of these announcements via email each morning. However, if you prefer to keep everything within the app, that can also be arranged.

Building Reputation

If a person or business doesn’t have an online presence in 2019, most customers will think they are a scam. So, as a small business owner or entrepreneur, it is especially important to keep your LinkedIn up-to-date and active.

This way, anyone searching for you will be able to immediately understand your brand and mission. You’ll gain their trust in no time.

Growing Groups

LinkedIn is also very social in that it allows users to create and join groups based on industries and interests. You can join up to 50 groups on the network and they are the perfect place to meet clients and colleagues, ask for help, or simply learn industry news.

If you don’t have time to manage your LinkedIn account or need some extra help to get going, contact us!