Most of us can’t go a day without Facebook – and Mark Zuckerberg and Co. definitely want it that way. For better or for worse, Facebook is a part of the daily routine for millions of people worldwide.

That said, it does have an extensive network of features that make it as useful as it is addicting. But, as the development team constantly adds new features, it can be hard to stay up to date on all of them.

Here are a few of the new Facebook features that you need to know about:

Fee-Free Movie Tickets

Just saw the trailer for the biggest summer blockbuster? You can buy your tickets for it right inside of the app! It’s in partnership with Fandango and Atom Tickets and is technically a short-term promotion, but there is no sign that it will stop any time soon.

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Money Requests

Need a friend to pay you back for them movie tickets you just bought? No worries! You can easily send and request money from friends through Facebook. It’s one of the coolest new Facebook features.

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Town Hall

Town Hall makes it easier for Americans using Facebook to connect with their elected officials! It also has features like reminding you about local voter registration deadlines and even polling places!

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One of the coolest new Facebook features is that it even gives you updates on the weather! And no, we don’t just mean your friends’ status updates saying that it’s snowing. We mean a real, bona fide weather report.

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Messenger Kids

Keeping your kids safe online is easier with messenger kids. As their parent or guardian, you have a say in who they talk to and how long they talk. It’s easy to manage your child’s contact list and set timers for daily use. One less thing to worry about!

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It’s easy to raise money for your favorite charity on Facebook! They don’t even charge a fee for the service. It’s likely that you’ve seen people raising money on their birthdays, although the feature is available all year round.

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Crisis Response

It’s likely that you’ve seen updates similar to “Jane Doe marked herself safe after the hurricane in Miami” at least a few times. Whenever there is a natural disaster or terrorist attack, Facebook prompts users in the effected area to let their friends know they are okay.

The press of one button can now take the place of dozens of phone calls or texts.

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City Guides

If you have your location services turned on, when you travel to a new city, you’ll get a notification from Facebook when you arrive. You can find out the best spots to see and the best places to eat – all based on recommendations from your friends and connections.

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Looking for a career change (or your next superstar team member?) Look no farther than Facebook! You can both advertise and apply for jobs through the app, truly streamlining the entire process.

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It can be hard enough keeping up with all the new Facebook features, let alone understanding how they can benefit your business. That’s where we come in!

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