So far, my experience at TOCmedia has taught me a substantial amount. I am assigned to oversee their Affiliate Marketing Department. My task is to search for merchant companies that would fit the TOCmedia’s second website, onlineemergencysupplies. One of the services they use is; it is a company that linked TOCmedia website/services to other companies, or merchants. For example, current merchants that connected to their website are Survival Frog LLC and 1-800-PREPARE. Both Survival Frog and 1-800-PREPARE are relevant to Online Emergency Supplies because they sell emergency kits and survival gear.

Working virtually lead me to believe that anything is possible; and, that I am slowly getting closer to my ultimate career goal, online marketing. At TOCmedia, I can work remotely, which means that I don’t have to be stuck in the office the whole day. The time to work is entirely up to me. Of course, assignments must be completed as scheduled, which to me, that is an ideal company to work for.

In order to successfully work remotely, I have used two main platforms to communicate with my supervisor/CEO. First, Asana is a task-oriented website where the CEO, Manager, and employees can assign tasks to one another. The website is simple and easy to use. I can see my tasks, my department, my co-workers, as well as dates and timelines required to complete the task. To learn more, visit Asana for their quick guides.

Second, Slack is a communication base platform. So far, I have used it to communicate directly to my co-workers and the CEO of the company; although, I can use it to create a private group chat or direct message a co-worker if need be. The interesting part about Slack is that the user can upload files and images on Slack to the whole team or the intended audiences. In addition, I downloaded the app on my phone so my team can reach me anywhere at any time, making it very convenient. Like our president often says, “If you have any question, Slack me!”.

As a result, the future of digital marketing will increase. More and more marketing agencies will move into digital marketing due to the changes in technologies, media, and consumers. For example, based on babble, the data from parent’s survey shows that 6 is now the average age parents buy their kids their first cell phones. On another hand, most U.S. adults use Facebook and YouTube, while, younger adults from the age of 18 to 24 frequently use a variety of social media platforms throughout the day, according to Pew Research Center. In another topic, I only meet with the president once a week and still get all my assignments done. The agency does not require a physical building to function, as a result, the cost of gas is minimal. Thus, working for TOCmedia is the right path for me since I like to have freedom in what I do.