Looking for information on Constant Contact 2018 updates? You’re in the right place! Staying on top of the latest trends in email marketing is essential for success and Constant Contact is the resource to do so. Their team is constantly tweaking the service to enhance its overall impact and Clout, turning you into a marketing superstar with less effort.

What’s New? Constant Contact 2018 Updates

Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your Constant Contact subscription:

(If you’d like to see for yourself, as updates are constantly rolling out, log into your CTCT account and click on the “bell” on the top right of your screen. Each month, the updates will be listed there.)

Increase Your Open Rate with A/B Testing

A/B Subject Line Testing is revolutionary. If you’re not using it, you’re essentially missing out on free marketing. Imagine this: you have two subject lines for the same email, but aren’t sure which one will generate more leads. So why not use both?

Constant Contact can now select a small sample of your contact list and send 50% of them the email with subject line “A” and 50% the email with subject line “B.” The software then tracks the open rate of each email and sends the remaining contacts the “winning” email automatically. If you don’t want the winning email sent automatically, you can choose this option as well.

Generate Branded Content with Ease

Creating consistently branded content just got a whole lot easier! One of our favorite Constant Contact 2018 updates is the ability to easily integrate your logo, colors, and social media links from any website into a reusable email template.

This new feature is called the Branded Template Builder and it’s very easy to use. For example, you can enter the URL of your website or Facebook page in the template builder and it will pull your logo, brand colors, and social media links and insert them into a couple of different template options. You can then further customize the template to suit your needs.

Save Yourself the Hassle with Quick Segmentation

Contact List Segmentation is a way of breaking up your big “General Interest” client list into smaller, more focused lists. For example, domestic vs. international clients, home owners vs. renters, etc.

The CTCT segmentation tools make it almost too easy to divide each list into smaller, manageable parts. New this month is the ability to automatically create a “Donors” list. By creating a new list when you create your donation landing page, donors are added to this specific list when they submit their donation.

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