Getting started with Facebook advertising for small businesses can be daunting without the right tools or support! That’s where the team at TOCmedia comes in. We’re experts on the constantly changing ins and outs of Facebook success. If you partner with us, your business is guaranteed to grow.

Here are a few secrets on Facebook advertisingfor small businesses, just to get you started:

Types of Facebook Ads

There are many different types of ads that you can run on Facebook. While the team at TOCmedia is an expert in all of them, here are a few of the most popular formats:

Link Click Ads

Link Click Ads are the most popular on Facebook and probably the ones with which you are the most familiar. The goal of these ads is to get potential customers to click the link and end up on your external website.

Link Click Ads could be for things like a product or services promotion or internal business announcement (now hiring, new location, etc.).

Video Ads

Facebook has started to favor two things: visual content and content that keeps users on Facebook for longer periods of time, instead of sending them to a new website or app. So, when getting started with Facebook advertising for small businesses, investing in video content is essential.

You can upload up to 120 minutes of video, but the shorter the better. Top performing video ads run between 90 – 120 seconds. Continuous looping is also available! Video content is a great way to get creative and help showcase your business’ unique personality and brand.

Boosted Post

Boosting posts is an essential part of understanding Facebook advertising for small businesses because when you boost a post, Facebook slowly releases its death grip on your audience.

When you invest in boosted posts, you can not only reach customers who have liked your page and want to interact with your brand, but new, undiscovered customers who haven’t realized they love you yet.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Advertising for Small Businesses

Like with most things worth doing, mastering Facebook ads is a tricky science. And luckily, the TOCmedia team is filled with people willing to put in the work. The digital landscape is always changing. We change with it.

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