There is no algorithm for email, and people still check their accounts obsessively. This makes small business email marketing one of the most effective ways to reach clients, generate leads, and boosts profits.

With email, you’re not competing against large companies with bloated advertising budgets for a post on your target audience’s newsfeed. There’s no secret formula for when your email will be received. As soon as you press send, it arrives.

Then it’s just you, one-on-one with your audience, in their inbox.

The floor’s all yours.

It’s All in the Subject Line

One of the most essential parts of small business email marketing is creating subject lines that grab your audience’s attention, but don’t fall into click bait territory, as those tend to annoy readers instead of entice.

Using “action” words in your title like

  • Flash Sale
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Proven Results
  • Secret Announcement
  • Summer Gala Photos – Can You Spot Yourself?

Can generate enough curiosity to lead to a click. Using puns and inserting pop culture moments into email subjects lines can also be appropriate, depending on your brand.

Timing Matters

When is your target audience checking their email? At 6:00am, while prepping breakfast for their kids? Around 9:00am when they sit down at their desk? 3:00am for the insomniacs out there?

Thinking about when your audience might be ready to read your message is essential to small business email marketing, as clients are significantly more likely to read an email if they have time for it when it arrives.

When partnering with TOCmedia for email marketing, our team of experts will test your target audience to find the perfect delivery time.

Pack a Punch

Your email has been opened. Now what? Having a client one-on-one in their inbox is sacred advertising space. Don’t waste it!

Keep your emails short enough to retain a client’s attention, but jam-packed with useful information. A great tip is to offer a teaser of a new article, business promotion, or announcement, then link through to your website or social media pages for the rest.

This way, your email isn’t too crowded and you get more exposure to generate sales and website traffic.

Don’t Spam

Finding a delivery rhythm is another important aspect of small business email marketing. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much content, but you don’t want them to forgot about you, either.

Whether it’s a weekly or monthly newsletter, a daily announcement, or a “by promotion” schedule, experiment until you find what works for you.

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