Working remotely is revolutionizing the marketplace. Whether you’re a self-employed entrepreneur, corporate employee, or somewhere in between, location independence is quickly becoming an integral part of the global economy.

Here’s what you need to have on hand if you plan to work remotely:

Reliable Internet

Notice we said “reliable” here. If your home network is constantly cutting in and out, consider working in a local coffee shop (or local library or coworking space if you need a quieter setting.) It is absolutely essential for those who work remotely to have a dependable network.


Laptops are preferred to desktops simply because they are mobile. If you’re heading out to see a client, meet a vendor, or attend a conference, you can bring your work with you and easily access any pertinent files without worrying.

Smart Phone

You should bring your laptop with you to finish projects on the go, but everyone who works remotely should also have a smartphone to check email, chat with clients, and just generally be accessible. Smart phones can also be turned into temporary hotspots in case of an Internet outage.


Some clients may prefer to deal in hard copies, even if you are working for them remotely. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to either own a printer/scanner combination or know of an easily accessible one, like at the local library or copy store.

External Hard Drive

It is essential that everyone who plans to work remotely has an external hard drive! Back up your work, then back it up again! Consider keeping your data on both a cloud storage plan and a “hard” copy on a hard drive. This way, in the unfortunate event of a computer crash, you won’t have to grieve the loss of all your hard work. 

Set Hours

Working from home can kind of blur the boundaries between personal and professional lives. It might seem like you are always working if you don’t set up a schedule for yourself. While most remote workers do not stick to the typical 9-5 routine, the successful ones have set times to “unplug.”

“Daytime” Clothes

Having a professional wardrobe also contributes to the goal of creating boundaries between your private life and professional career. While those who work remotely might be tempted to complete tasks in pajamas or gym clothes since they don’t technically need to leave the house, the act of getting dressed does a lot mentally to prepare you for the day ahead.

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