The Future of Virtual Reality

Here at TOCmedia, we have a responsibility that is super-serious—and a ridiculous amount of fun—at the same time. Which responsibility is THAT? It’s this one: Keeping on top of the latest news and trends in the technology marketplace. From Digital Marketing to Virtual Reality and everything in between, TOC constantly keeps its thumb on the pulse of what is going on, to offer optimum know-how and benefits to our clients. And we smile and laugh much of the time we’re doing it. Because current technology trends are SO fun and fascinating!

New VR Trends and Breakthroughs

What’s happening right now with Virtual Reality is an amazing example. By now, most people understand the basic idea of VR. You put on special goggles, and suddenly—like a scene from Alice in Wonderland—you perceive yourself to be immersed in a new reality. Until now, VR has most notably and commonly been used in gaming or entertainment. But its future is more trending toward an enhancement of everyday experiences—transforming everything from retail shopping … to healthcare … education … psychology, and much more.

Consider just a few of the amazing new developments and trends in the following fields. (Each of these is in its infancy, and will continue to grow and develop with time):

  • RETAIL VR . . . New VR technology allows you to walk the aisles of virtual superstores, select your items, and place your order. All without leaving your sofa.
  • MEDICAL VR … Aspiring surgeons will be able to train in virtual-reality scenes that are an advancement over previous medical training, because they better reflect the real-life process of surgery.
  • PSYCHOLOGY/MENTAL HEALTH VR … The use of VR is more and more frequently allowing people to overcome and treat phobias—such as fear of flying—through visualization and immersive experiences.

The Latest from Google and Facebook

As you can see, “the sky’s the limit” when it comes to Virtual Reality. And that’s also true of what today’s most cutting-edge tech firms can contribute to the VR Revolution. Earlier this month, Google announced its new Daydream View virtual-reality headset, which TechCrunch called “a more immersive experience than its competitors can offer, at least from an optics standpoint.”

And Facebook—just days ago—announced the launch of the $199 Oculus Go virtual-reality headset and upcoming high-end “Santa Cruz” standalone, which will come with something past headsets haven’t: power buttons. These will allow users to more greatly control their end-to-end experience.

These trends are incredibly exciting, and, here at TOC, we can’t wait to see what’s around the (metaphorical and virtual) corner. Whatever it is, we’ll be monitoring it FOR you and sharing it WITH you. Watch for updates!